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6 weeks to 12 months


Activities Include:

 • lot of floor time to  work on motor development

 • work on fine and gross motor skills through play and feeding

 • older infants learn to drink out of cups

 • older infants work on self feeding

 • sensory development

PreK 4 & 5 year olds


Activities Include:

We are always proud that our children that graduate from our program usually test highest in the class once they move on to kindergarten.  We pride ourselves on making sure that our pre-k children have the skills they need to be successful in public school emotionally, socially and academically.

 • letter writing;

 • recognition of classmate names;

 • storytelling;

 • story development anticipation;

 • print concepts;

 • letter writing and early spelling through phonics;

 • writing; and

 • other literacy opportunities within classroom learning centers.

 • recognize sight words;

 • begin to sound out words;

 • use letters representing sounds as they practice writing words;

 • follow multi-step directions; and

 • basic math skills: start adding and subtracting

 • count to 100

 • history: learn our presidents and presidential facts.

 • Students’ creativity and imaginative expression develop, as they continue with art, dramatic play and role-playing.

 • encourage manners and positive attitudes.

13 to 18 months


Activities Include:

 • Work on Sign language vocabulary daily

 • Become familiar with shapes and colors

 • Finger painting

 • Learn body parts: head, shoulders, knees and toes

 • work on sensory with projects : Ex: play with ice, color with whip cream etc.

2 year olds


Activities Include:

 • coloring, painting, gluing, working puzzles and building with blocks, to help your child refine fine motor skills

 • Recognizing and sound out letters of the alphabet

 • Recognize each shape and color in English and Spanish

 • Daily weather recognition

 • Days of the week

 • Months of the year

 • Count to 20 in English and to 10 in spanish

 • Work on time management

19 to 24 months


Activities Include:

 • Learn to be familiar with their letters and shapes

 • Work on a letter each day with a corresponding art project

 • Count to 10

 • Work on new sign language words weekly

 • Work on find motor skills with planned activities

PreK 3 year olds


Activities Include:

 • Recognize and sound out each letter of the alphabet

 • use new sounds and words;

 • connect letters with sounds;

 • use letters representing sounds as they practice writing letters;

 • Recognize shapes and colors in both English and Spanish

 • Work on a letter each day with a corresponding art project

 • Give a daily weather report

 • Learn their days of the week, months of the year and seasons/ holidays

 • Count to 50

 • Phonetic awareness is promoted through books, songs and activities.

 • Teachers model correct grammar and sentence structure.

 • Begin adding and subtracting

 • Begin writing letter, numbers, first and last names

 • toys, games and writing materials help develop finer muscles and motor skills

 • encourage manners and positive attitudes.

School age after school care



The Kid Ranch Afterschool Program offers student a comfortable, low-ratio group atmosphere

Every day, their afterschool time starts with a snack and then they have scheduled homework time to begin or complete homework assignments. Our staff are accessible for the children to help them if needed and they understand how important homework is and work with students to get through it.



*Families with 2 or more full time children enrolled in the center will receive a 25$ discount of of each child.

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